CCI Launches “Safe + Smart Cities” Pilot

Priority 5 announces its participation in the Chesapeake Crescent Initiative, an innovative private sector effort to support the on-going revitalization of communities in the National Capitol Region.  The press release describes two efforts currently being supported by Priority 5 and its fellow participants in the Initiative.

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Priority 5 Announces Partnership with Ultra Electronics, 3eTI

Priority 5 has partnered with Ultra Electronics, 3eTI, a leading cyber-technology company with products and systems that secure critical infrastructure and improve operational efficiency. The arrangement combines the companies’ technical expertise to offer an advanced integrated solution for enhanced command and control (C2) for operational centers. The new application involves the use of Priority 5’s Touch Assisted Command and Control – TACCS situational awareness software with 3eTI’s cyber-hardened VirtualFence video surveillance and EnergyGuard facility and infrastructure sensor management solutions.  By combining these technologies, Priority 5 and 3eTI will create more effective and efficient C2 solutions for operators in commercial, industrial and governmental markets, saving time and money.

Port Fourchon opens new EOC.

Video courtesy of KFOL/KJUN HTV10.

Priority 5 and IBM Present a New Emergency Management Solution

Priority 5 Holdings, Inc., and International Business Machines Corporation presented an integrated Emergency Management Center (EMC) solution in May at the Safe Cities Asia conference in Singapore, and in June at the World Cities Summit conference in Singapore and the IACP World Innovation Conference in Amsterdam.  TACCS™ was used to provide situational awareness and command and control technologies for the combined emergency management presentation.
At each of the conferences, IBM introduced the new EMC solution as part of the presentations by its executives in various conference sessions.  In its conference booths, IBM ran demos of the new product, and Priority 5 joined with IBM in briefing interested individuals.

Safe Cities Asia 2014
Safe Cities Asia 2014 was held in Singapore May 27-30, 2014.  Conference topics included Urban Security, Intelligent Transport, Cyber Resilience, Disaster Management and Emergency Response, C3i, Video Surveillance and Analytics, singaporeBiometrics, Big Data and Analytics, Social Media and Geospatial Intelligence for secured cities, with the overall objective of exploring how the integration of advanced technologies might improve public security and welfare. Attendees were principally  C-level executives from city authorities, central government departments and the private sector, including first responders, who are responsible for developing, using,  and integrating safe city solutions in their operations and organizations.

World Cities Summit 2014    
singapore 2 The World Cities Summit 2014 was held in Singapore from June 1-4. Its theme was “Livable and Sustainable Cities: Common Challenges, Shared Solutions.” The event was intended for government leaders and industry experts to address challenges of livable and sustainable cities, share integrated urban solutions and forge new partnerships.

World Innovation Conference (WICLEIM 2014) – International Association of Chiefs of Police
The IACP’s World Innovation Conference 2014 was held in Amsterdam from June 10-12; its topic was “The Future of Law Enforcement Information Management.”  The objective of the conference was to explore how technical innovations in information management could support improved business practices of law enforcement so that it might better respond to increasing challenges of changing societies.  Attendees included senior law enforcement executives, governmental officials and industry partners.

Partners in Fighting Crime

Port Fourchon’s GLPC-C4 Maritime Domain Awareness System, powered by TACCSTM, is featured in the summer edition of Seaports Magazine, published by the American Association of Port Authorities.  The article highlights how GLPC-C4 is supporting the efforts of Port Fourchon’s Harbor Police in providing law enforcement for the port and its environs.

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Safer, More Resilient Port is Aim of Award-Winning System at Port Fourchon

In its recent special supplement, World Oil magazine detailed the on-going development of Port Fourchon’s Port-Wide Maritime Awareness System operations platform, the GLPC-C4 system.  Built on Priority 5’s Touch Assisted Command and Control System (TACCS™), GLPC-C4 not only directly monitors all of the day-to-day operations of the port, but also integrates and provides overall situational awareness to the Harbor Police, Fire Central, LaFourche Parish Sheriff’s Office, LaFourche Parish Office of Emergency Management and Louisiana Offshore Oil Port.  In 2013, GLPC-C4 earned Port Fourchon the American Association of Port Authorities Information Technology Award for Port Operations and Management Systems based on “its creativity, cost-effectiveness, and transferability of technology to the port industry.”

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TACCS™ Software Implemented in Philippines DOST Center

Priority 5 partnered with IBM in deploying a TACCS™ software package for the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to aid in natural disaster recovery efforts. Installed in time for the country’s upcoming and treacherous rainy season, TACCS™ arms a new operations center provided by IBM with a superior integration of communication channels and technology. With data streams coming through various channels — such as radio, mobile, and Internet — the DOST can quickly grasp the conditions of its operating environment based on real-time data delivered in a Common Operating Picture (COP). With the invaluable information provided by the TACCS™ software package, the Philippines disaster recovery services will be able to cut down precious response time and, even more, confidently take action to implement the most informed and effective decisions.

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