Actionable Intelligence

Priority 5 software provides a comprehensive real-time common operating picture, which can be replicated in a simulation environment to enable the decision-maker to implement and test a theory or a possible response to an emergency situation.  The simulation environment uses a discrete event, time-stepped process to illustrate the projected impacts of evolving events in real-time to near real-time. The Priority 5 simulation engine also supports the integration of multiple third party simulation packages.

A key feature of the simulation environment is the ability of the Priority 5 software to populate the environment with agent-based simulation entities representing different types of infrastructure, people, resources, and geographic settings. Behavior elements that can be built into these entities include:

  • Defining their missions/objectives
  • Characterizing their physical attributes and capabilities
  • Identifying their vulnerabilities and potential failure modes
  • Modeling their reactions to specific events or stimuli, be it physics-based, procedural-based, or historically based (likely behavior).
Risk Management & Business Continuity

It's about embedding risk management into everyday processes at all levels of the enterprise to truly drive business continuity. It's about allowing you to marshal, protect and restore your resources. Priority 5 software gives you the ability to identify and analyze potential problems in advance. It enables you to be ahead of the curve and gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are as ready as can be to restore business after a crisis.


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