Operations, Event & Incident Management

Using an interactive timeline with common major milestones, users from multiple agencies or departments can collaborate to create detailed event plans that establish the sequence of events activities.  A virtual binder associated with each activity is used to store key information such as:

  • Map overlays of road closures, crowd barriers, first aid stations, and security checkpoints
  • Contact rosters for in field agents and collaborating agencies
  • Images of event specific infrastructure
  • Specific Infrastructure configurations in support of the event
  • Event schedules
  • Event procedures
  • Specific special event data feeds

During the actual event, Priority 5 software provides operations center decision-makers with the tools to achieve in-depth knowledge of both the primary and cascading impacts of unexpected developments, and then selectively disseminate the proper level of detail to first responders and senior managers.

Risk Management & Business Continuity

It's about embedding risk management into everyday processes at all levels of the enterprise to truly drive business continuity. It's about allowing you to marshal, protect and restore your resources. Priority 5 software gives you the ability to identify and analyze potential problems in advance. It enables you to be ahead of the curve and gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are as ready as can be to restore business after a crisis.


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