Charles Q. Miller, President & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Miller brings over thirty years of management experience to Priority 5, including five years as an executive vice president of Raytheon, three years as the CEO of United Engineers & Constructors, two years as a managing partner of Bunker Hill Capital, and five years as a management consultant, which included three years serving as CEO of startup companies.

In addition to his broad business background, which includes companies engaged in engineering, construction, manufacturing, operations, maintenance, and private equity, he has extensive experience in the development and deployment of simulation software.

Mr. Miller is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, and received an MS in applied mechanics from Stanford University, and a JD from Rutgers University. He is a licensed professional engineer and a member of the bar in several states.

Dr. Allen Bierbaum, Vice President, Technology Development
Dr. Bierbaum brings over 21 years of expert experience in geospatial data integration, open geospatial consortium (OGC) data integration, and complex data management and data fusion systems. Since 2007, Dr. Bierbaum has been the technology development lead and manager for the TACCS situation awareness and impacts analysis framework for Priority 5 Holdings, Inc. He integrates years of experience in virtual reality and advanced graphics software development and engineering to his current field in actionable situation awareness technology with geospatial operational platforms.

Dr. Bierbaum has been involved in [the field] since the early 90s, working in notable, innovative high-performance computing companies such as Silicon Graphics, Iowa State University’s Virtual Reality Applications Center, and Infiscape, an Iowa State University connected industry leader in architecting real world virtual reality applications and visualization solutions. He has diverse experience in positions ranging from Graphics Software Engineer, Research Assistant, Virtual Reality Consultant, and Software Engineer, as well as both Project Leader and Lead Developer.

A recognized subject matter expert, Dr. Bierbaum has been published in an extensive amount of technical literature for his work on the applications and development of virtual reality applications and graphics.

James H. Belanger, Vice President, Special Projects and General Counsel
The U.S. Navy Vietnam veteran is a business and technology lawyer who has represented middle-market and emerging businesses as general counsel; assisted entrepreneurs in protecting intellectual property and starting business enterprises; and acted as special counsel in a variety of transactions. Mr. Belanger’s intellectual property practice principally involved technology transfer and licensing and protection of trade secrets, and also has represented both owners and licensees in licensing transactions in university and general business settings. His industry experience includes biotechnology, software development and integration, advanced materials manufacturing, healthcare, construction, logistics, industrial equipment, and distribution. Prior to joining Priority 5 in 2010, he was a partner at the Boston law firm of Burns & Levinson, LLP, where he counseled corporate clients as a member of the Corporate and Intellectual Property Groups, and remains Of Counsel.

Mr. Belanger received his J.D. degree from Boston College Law School (magna cum laude) and his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame.

Joseph Kammerman, Vice President, Program Management

Mr. Kammerman is a seasoned emergency management and transportation executive with expertise in program management, policy development, and emergency operations. As the Vice President of Program Management for Priority 5 Holdings, Inc., he is responsible for the implementation of the chief actionable awareness and intelligence software company’s projects, and the development of the state and local programs.

With degrees in Urban Planning and Emergency Management, Mr. Kammerman’s past work experiences keenly shaped the skills and knowledge base required for his position with Priority 5. He worked as Homeland Security Coordinator for the District of Columbia Department of Transportation, serving as the department’s chief policy advisor for emergency preparedness and managed multiple planned and unplanned events.

Mr. Kammerman’s history also includes developing city emergency response programs and evacuation plans, and holding a lead consultant role for Archangel, a critical infrastructure protection program for the Los Angeles Police Department.

William A. Donaldson, Vice President Sales
Mr. Donaldson brings years of Senior Business Development and Management expertise from the dynamic career experiences that preceded his current role as Vice President of Priority 5 Holdings, Inc.

Mr. Donaldson harnesses leadership history in top-tier companies in both business and federal government sectors in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He has in-depth experience in fields of Internet, situational awareness software, and emergency management, possessing a broad technical knowledge base including infrastructure, hardware, software, managed services, data center operations, and cyber security, cloud platforms.

Mr. Donaldson is focused and client-oriented. His accomplishments in individual and team management, backed by client attentiveness and understanding, form the success he creates today.

Donald Dudenhoeffer, Senior Vice President
With a strong operations and research background — most notably in operations analysis and military operation — Mr. Dudenhoeffer provides a wealth of expertise and experience to his position as Senior Vice president of Priority 5 Holdings, Inc. A retired Naval Officer with over 26 years of military and civilian experience in technology and operations, Mr. Dudenhoeffer has applied his field experience as well as his technical, academic and business backgrounds to Priority 5’s products and evolution since 2008.

His past includes: US National Expert in Cyber Security for Nuclear Facilities supporting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Office of Nuclear Security; Department Manager of Human Factors and Nuclear Instrumentation and Control Department and Research Project Lead at Idaho National Laboratory (INL); and United States Naval Reserve Commanding Officer, Naval Space and Warfare Command (SPAWAR) Det 301, specializing in information security and EOD robotics.

He is currently a PhD Candidate in Computer Science at the University of Idaho. He obtained his MS degree in Operations Analysis at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA. He received his BA in Mathematics and a BA in Computer Science from Benedictine College, Atchison, KS.

While still available when his expertise is required, Don is currently on a leave of absence from Priority 5 and filling a cyber-security position at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna Austria.


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