Morgan City Collaboration Network Strengthens Emergency Response

June 15, 2016

Sherrif Mark Hebert announces the partnership of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office in the Port of Morgan City Regional Collaboration Network (PMCRCN) through the Touch Assisted Command and Control System (TACCS™).

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Port Fourchon Hosts Multi-Agency Emergency Preparedness Exercise

July 26, 2016

Over 40 federal, state and local emergency management and law enforcement officials responsible for the safety and security of Port Fourchon held a joint training session in Port Fourchon’s Johnny Melancon, Sr. EOC (Emergency Operations Center).

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CCI Launches “Safe + Smart Cities” Pilot

Priority 5 announces its participation in the Chesapeake Crescent Initiative, an innovative private sector effort to support the on-going revitalization of communities in the National Capitol Region.  The press release describes two efforts currently being supported by Priority 5 and its fellow participants in the Initiative.

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