Priority 5’s Touch Assisted Command and Control System (TACCS™) provides the power to aggregate information from any internal or external data source and to manage, interpret and display information in a way that enables decision makers to achieve immediate and comprehensive situational awareness and make better informed and tested decisions. It increases the management effectiveness of governmental agencies and industrial, commercial and retail businesses that are responsible for understanding, protecting, managing and restoring infrastructure and resources.  Using a touch sensitive or mouse driven geospatial reference display, a decision maker can access current operating conditions, examine performance trends, predict system degradation, view the impact of alternative mitigation measures, review important procedures and communicate decisions, all within the intuitive TACCS™ graphical user interface.

TACCS™ provides a true common operating picture that facilitates communication between levels of management by networking headquarters and remote locations for planning, training and real-time event management. Plug-ins for the TACCS™ system customize Priority 5’s software to fit the specialized needs of any organization, including integrating standard or custom data feeds, modifying dashboards, utilizing legacy or other third party software, adding camera feeds and controls, displaying sensor data, managing third party alerts and notifications provided by automatically or manually, combining multiple simulations and tailoring automated report generators.

In addition to providing a real time dynamic common operating picture, TACCS™ provides a “what if” operating mode to assess the consequences of a natural disaster or terrorist act that results in the loss or degradation of critical assets. This is accomplished by allowing users to seamlessly transition from the dynamic real-time COP to a parallel simulation environment, where they can impose off-normal conditions of operation, and see the cascading impacts that result from multiple system interdependencies.

TACCS™ is distributed as a client server application under a variety of license agreements, and supports multiple modes of distributed workgroup configurations. It works seamlessly with existing infrastructure to allow for cost effective installation and the continued use of familiar and still effective legacy software applications.

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