Emergency Management

The challenge for the person in charge is the same: how to monitor a changing environment and respond to the unexpected. Whether it’s a special security event or just day-to-day business, surprises often unfold in ways that haven’t been anticipated. The result is that decision-makers and responders are put to unexpected tests.

Preparation is obviously critical to emergency operations. But no one has the time or the resources to plan for every contingency of every possible event. No written plan can encompass all available information about the operating environment of a university campus, a city or a four state region. Not even the most experienced of emergency managers or first responders can maintain a mental picture of a constantly changing operating environment that extends much beyond what they can see.

TACCS™ bridges the gap that is created when the real world doesn’t work as planned. TACCS™ uses geography to organize and present real-time information, condensing the multitude of data inflows into a single, accessible, up-to-date framework. It is in the nature of a surprise that information isn’t identified in advance as being critical. You don’t know what you need to know until the time comes when you need to know it. If it is in your organization, TACCS™ can make it available when it’s needed, quickly and intuitively in location.

Your teams need to know everything possible about their environment. TACCS™ preserves conditions and communications across personnel changes, and keeps critical information readily at hand. It makes visually-enhanced reporting of current conditions a minute long exercise. Its web-based accessibility makes white boarding collaborative on-scene, and exchanges alert, incident and other information instantly. Team coordination means everyone needs to know what they need to know. TACCS™ makes that possible.

Whether you call it emergency operations, emergency management, incident management, special security event management or disaster response, the problem is the same. The gap between the plan and implementing a response is identical. TACCS™ is designed to fill that gap.

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