Command and Control

Managing a collective effort under complex circumstances demands the best available information, sound analysis and intelligent implementation. Technology has improved communications, made available much more information and provided new equipment and techniques for putting instructions into effect. It has not, however, done as much to assist the decision-maker in structuring information, creating a decision-relevant environment and implementing decisions in a dynamic situation. That’s what separates TACCS™ from other solutions.

TACCS™ creates a common operating picture that replicates the decision-maker’s geospatial operating environment. Its integrated data feeds provide up-to-the-minute information, in relevant context; and its modeling and simulation capabilities enable the software to react to real-time data inputs and simulated or actual conditions. TACCS™ projects not only what is happening but what the consequences of current impacts are likely to be. Using TACCS™, decision-makers can highlight critical intelligence, better understand what is actually happening and project the likely consequences of alternative decisions. With TACCS™ constantly updating the operating environment, decision-makers can assess progress, identify potential issues and react accordingly. At any given time, the operating picture can be collaboratively managed or otherwise shared with field units, making possible a completely shared understanding of how an individual field team needs to fit into the whole, and making changed conditions instantly apparent.

Without engaging advanced technology, exercising command and control is much more difficult than it needs to be. TACCS™ puts technology to work to make command and control as effective as possible.

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