Decision Support

Decision support solutions for dynamic, complex and unstructured operating environments must address widely differing needs:

  • information must be aggregated, triaged, maintained and kept readily available;
  • information regarding current conditions must be currently available directly from the field;
  • critical information must be identified, and then presented so its significance is readily apparent;
  • data flows must be reviewed for possible relationships and relevancies;
  • potential impacts of changing conditions must be readily identifiable; and
  • consequences of proposed courses of action must be susceptible of evaluation for foreseen and unforeseen effects.

That TACCS™ can meet those needs is what separates TACCS™ from other solutions.

TACCS™ uses models of the available resources to replicate a geospatial operating environment in a single operating picture. Its modeling and simulation capabilities enable the software to react to real-time data inputs and simulated or actual conditions. Its integration capabilities eliminate silos, making it easy to gather, evaluate and comprehensively present data in near real time; and also enabling the integration of third party software. TACCS™ projects not only what is happening but what the consequences of current impacts are likely to be. Using TACCS™, decision-makers can highlight critical intelligence, better understand what is actually happening and project the likely consequences of alternative decisions. With TACCS™ constantly updating the operating environment, decision-makers can assess progress, identify potential issues and react accordingly. Decision-makers faced with critical decisions in an unstructured operating environment need the assistance that TACCS™ alone provides.

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