Internet of Things

Technology is more sophisticated and interconnected than ever, and will become more so as sensors and embedded software become more powerful. Things are already talking to other things, in security systems, automated buildings, retail stores and the home. Convenience and operational efficiencies are increasing, and human interventions are decreasing. As the networks of sensors and software become more complex, however, unintended consequences become more likely to occur; and events that automated instructions cannot adequately address increase in magnitude and severity.

The role of TACCS™ is at the center of complex sensor/software installations. Aggregating feeds from sensors and software into a single, dynamic display, TACCS™ provides an operator with the ability to monitor and respond to circumstances that exceed the parameters for which the installation is designed. As smart systems become more capable, able to handle more variations from the norm and manage more activities, the consequences of a single system failure or of its being overwhelmed become much greater. TACCS™ enables knowledgeable human intervention when it’s needed.

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