Operations Management

Normal operations in a complex environment are generally performed in accordance with standard operating procedures that have been tried and tested. Those SOPs also usually encompass conditions that deviate from normal operations in ways that can be adequately addressed with prescribed responses.   As thorough as they may be, however, SOPs are not designed or intended to address the conditions that result from multiple deviations from the normal in an environment characterized by interwoven dependencies. When those conditions occur, or when it looks as though they may occur, someone needs to make decisions without an SOP. That is what distinguishes TACCS™ from other solutions.

TACCS™ uses models of critical infrastructure and key resources to replicate a geospatial operating environment. Its modeling and simulation capabilities enable the software to react to real-time data inputs and simulated or actual conditions. TACCS™ projects not only what is happening but what the consequences of current impacts are likely to be. Using TACCS™, decision-makers can highlight critical intelligence, better understand what is actually happening and project the likely consequences of alternative decisions. With TACCS™ constantly updating the operating environment, decision-makers can assess progress, identify potential issues and decide accordingly.

TACCS™ gives operations decision-makers the tools that enable them better understand, analyze and respond to the conditions for which SOPs can provide little or no guidance.

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