Situational Awareness

The need for situational awareness becomes most apparent when it is lacking. That is when unintended consequences are most likely to occur. Having information is good, understanding it is better. But real situational awareness comes from understanding an entire operating environment, being able to project potential outcomes and being aware of the many possible consequences. Only then can one reduce the risks of unintended occurrences inherent in any complex situation. That’s what separates TACCS™ from other solutions.

TACCS™ uses models to replicate a geospatial operating environment in a virtual world. Its modeling and simulation capabilities enable the software to react to real-time data inputs and simulated or actual conditions. TACCS™ projects not only what is happening but what the consequences of current impacts are likely to be. Using TACCS™, decision-makers can highlight critical intelligence, better understand what is actually happening and project the likely consequences of possible alternatives. With TACCS™ constantly updating the operating environment, decision-makers can assess progress, identify potential issues and maintain the big picture that is critical for informed decisions.

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