Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness involves more than simply gathering information, particularly when there are many individuals who are cooperating to achieve a common goal.  This white paper discusses all four of the elements of team situational awareness.  Click here to download >>

COP Architecture

The challenges of creating a true common operating picture have been difficult to surmount, particularly with the increase in volume of available information, the persistence of proprietary information feeds and the need to accommodate dispersed team members for decision-making and response.  This white paper discusses various approaches to meeting those challenges using different software architectures.      Click here to download >>

Planning for Recovery:  The Baseline Plan

Preparations for the occurrence of a possible disaster involve preparing to restore operations for networks of critical assets or key resources that may be damaged.  Where to put recovery resources, and how to optimize their use, requires the preparation of a recovery plan.  This white paper discusses the preparation of a baseline recovery plan to return critical assets to an operational state after a disaster has occurred.  Click here to download>>






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